11.24.23 recent anime list box on blog page

10.28.23: Added a little stamp section, moved cool sites to blog page, homepage fixes and bg change

10.23: updated the madna page bc album release!

10.20-21.23: CHIAKI PAGE UP WOOOOO, updated song and bg on homepage, MAYBE fixed blogpage + new font?

10.15.23 Hompepage updates again

9.26?.23 custom cursor!!

9.16.23 gradients on header and footer

9.6.23 gave up on trying to caption stuff on tha art page, adding more trinkets and baubles to home

!!!New Plastic Tree single Zawameki out on december 13!!!

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Bands plastic tree, nightmare, the madna, kagrra, sukekiyo, the gallo, third eye blind, soilwork, machinae supremacy

Shows: Rozen maiden, Gintama, Lain, BSD, a lot of shitty reality shows, AOT

Honmeis: Ryutaro, Takashi, Sugizo, Sakito

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college sophomore studying econ :P
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Still no clue what I'm doing, the current band/theme for the homepage is plastic tree!

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